My name is Gabriele, I make reusable mesh bags and beeswax wraps. I like to live slowly, to enjoy every little moment and to think before making any decision. I like to sit in the cafe and slowly drink my cup of coffee, to take my bags and various of containers before going to the shopping market. When I need a new pair of shoes, I like to carefully study what kind of shoes, from where I need, buy it and wear and tear it with love. In every story there is also other side. Sometimes, I drink coffee while walking from disposable cup, buy one more lovely handbag and weigh veggies in plastic bag, simply because I forgot. I want to live my life sustainably, but things happens and it's ok. My message for you is always try to make good decisions with good emotions, with a smile. I encourage you to be in balance, this is the key how to live sustainably for the rest of your life. Try to enjoy every little effort in reducing waste and don't judge yourself if something goes wrong. I wish everyone to find pleasure in making sustainable decisions. Maybe, UMA tvarus pakavimas production will be the start of a new journey, or just an "old friend". Whatever it is, I will be making for you slowly with love.

Respectfully to You and to our nature,

UMA tvarus pakavimas,